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For the general discussion, and fanfiction of the obscure pairing of two or more characters played by David Tennant.

This ship first came around when I was doing a challenge fic for the FUF challenge on dw_slash and Tenarty was born.

This comm was formerly known as Tenarty but I've expanded it to allow other David Tennant characters, so if you want to write a Gordon Stylus/Barty Crouch Junior fic then feel free to post it here. Friendship fics are also welcome. Hell, even two versions of the same character are allowed so if you want to write Ten/Handy!Ten then go ahead.


IMPORTANT: Constructive critiscm is allowed but no flaming !!!! If the idea of two men who are identical, but not related, having sex squicks you, please go elsewhere.

Any rating of fanfiction is allowed, but please put it under an LJ cut and rate it. All 'R' and 'NC-17' fics must labelled as such.

All entries must be friendslocked.

Fanart is also welcome as well as shippy icons/banners/etc.

Other than that, have fun!!!

Disclaimer: This is all fiction and we don't own any of the characters featured here.

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